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Iclay Media is an online content creator. We produce web content, both visual and written, for our own publications and for commercial clients.

After doing this for the best part of 17 years we can unequivocally say that good quality content is the key to all online success.

The dividing factor always centres around the word quality and we’re not just talking about the skill of the writer or the perspective of a photograph.

Some believe that the visual impact is what drives reader decisions on the net. But it really depends on what your are selling. Ask yourself – do you think Craig’s List became the success it has because of its visual impact? Or even Google?

These sites would hardly score highly for their visual impact but they continue to rank top in their respective fields because of the same common factor – relevant content.

A picture might be worth a thousand words but good content is always a combination of both visual and written – we supply both.

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Six steps to creating

great web site content

1. Make it relevant
There should be nothing in the content of your web site that doesn’t relate to the subject of the site. Save those pictures of the family dog, a cute kid or you on your surf board for your personal Facebook page because if they’re are not absolutely relevant to the subject of the site you will only distract your customers and worst of all, you might confuse Google. Relevant content is the key to all online success.

2. Headlines matter
Headlines matter a lot. Studies reveal that 80% of readers will read your headline but only 20% will read the story beneath. You need to concentrate on creating good headlines and make sure the following content explains exactly what the headline claims.

3. Create calls to action
Making your content actionable is critical if you want to engage you reader. A call to action can be as simple as a mouse-over effect that reveals more content or as deliberate as a form request or a buy now button. Content creators should never overlook the value of the free download. By providing a free .pdf or ebook you create an opportunity to provide a measurable statistic that will help you better understand what your readers are interested in.

4. Be helpful … and nice
Don’t be afraid to give away some free advice. By making contact forms easily accessible throughout your content you show that you want to engage with your audience. When they respond answer quickly, even if you know it won’t lead to an immediate sale. Finally, be nice … well as nice as you can anyway. You don’t have to put up with rudeness or vulgarity but it sure helps to be patient sometimes.

5. Choose illustrations carefully
Pictures, video and info graphics are a key part of your content. You need to choose them wisely and carefully. Firstly, you need to be sure you have the right to use the image that inspires you and then you need to ask yourself; will it have the same impact on a complete stranger?

6. Make every word count
Keep text tight and to the point. Don’t be constrained by word a word count but don’t fill out your content with fluff either. Make it interesting and orignal. Google knows when you copy. Remember the final impact is always a combination of the written and the visual. Make what you say count and make what they see pop.