Web Development

Iclay Media is a developer of web sites. That means we not only design but we get under the hood and do the coding needed to make them happen.

Our web projects range from the production of standard information sites to advanced e-commerce systems able to sell thousands of products.

We provide a complete design and follow through service to maximise your Internet presence through web hosting, promotion and tailored marketing solutions. These days, to maximise your web presence, you need to consider a wide range of solutions.

Some of these solutions should also include the use of offline promotional methods and at Iclay we can help you with both. If you are looking to establish a sound web presence you should be factoring at least some of the following options into your budget:

  * the use of animation

  * the use of video

  * the use of sound

  * the use of professional photography

  * the use of professionally created content

  * paid online advertising

  * the use of social media

  * news media promotion

  * an independently assessed on and offline marketing strategy

  * email marketing

A static web presence is better than nothing but beware that technological developments  over recent years has made it possible to create truly interactive sites on both mobile and desktop platforms. These opportunities are going to expand massively – here’s why.

These days, to hold your online readership, you need to create something that really encourages readers to stop and pay attention.

Terms of Trade

For full details on our Terms of Trade Click Here.

Step one: Discussion
We need to know all about what you want to put up on the net. We want to know everything. We really want to know about things you may think are probably or consider could be too expensive right now but you might want to do later.

Step two: The Brief
From the discussion we prepare a web brief. The brief covers the points you have made to us in discussion and we ask you to review it carefully to be sure we have left nothing out. The brief can also state a price for the project which will be fixed for the features it names. The brief is now set in stone but any additional items may need to be separately priced separately.

Step three: The Visuals
Depending on the size of the project we will produce at least two visuals which will give you a close indication of what your final web site will look like.

Step four: Your approval
You accept the brief and the visual/s and we get down to business.

Step five: Review and test
We send you a link to the completed work. You check it out and make final minor changes if necessary.

Step six: Go live.
We then point your domain name at your site and do an email check to be sure all messages are being delivered where they should. You are now live for all the world to see.