Online Publishing

Iclay Media is a developer of online publishing resources.

Using systems and methods we have developed over 17 years of internet presence we create, maintain and expand a growing stable of our own sites and provide an unmatched service that helps others to do the same.

Our key focus is on those individuals and businesses that wish to maximise an online presence by becoming reputable publishers of quality online monetized content.

Many of these will become registered Google publishers while others will adopt our system to develop specific operations that focus solely on a single business purpose.

For those that become more general publishers Iclay is able to provide ongoing content that fits organic SEO requirements and will make valuable additional contribution to material created by individual owners and their contributing editors.

How can I become an online publisher?

Step 1: Pick a subject. It can be any subject but it should be one you have a specific interest in or knowledge of. The subject you choose could be a current or past professional interest or hobby. Ideally it will be something you have a passion for.

Step 2: Ask yourself,  does this subject have any associated fields of interest? For example if your passion is walking or hiking then photography could be a clearly associated field of interest although it may not be a personal passion. List as many of these as you can.

Step 3: Now, if you are serious about making money by establishing a stable of associated online publications then you need to talk to us.

What about the cost?

Costs vary in each case and depend on the amount of work you want us to do.

Also, there are no major up front charges because we work on a lease back arrangement. Once we determine what features you require we then set a monthly leasing fee.

Typically this fee will range between $80 and $250 per month and includes all web hosting charges and scripting lease costs.

This does not include your domain name cost or any direct marketing charges for third party services.

Talk to us

Contact us for a no obligation discussion about what you would like to do on the internet.

If you want to become an online publisher then we can make that happen for you.

You will receive a professional web site armed with all the requirements you need to get going.

Step One: Think, think, think!

Have a careful think about the things you know most about. You need to examine your current and past experience in all types of fields.

Cover everything from being single to marriage, raising children, your current or past profession, trade, hobby, sporting interests, food preferences or health concerns.

Step Two: Make a list

Make a list, List everything you can think of and don’t overlook social and political issues. Prioritise the list.

Now, which one of these subjects would you like to see as your first online publishing venture?

Consider the resources you have to develop such a business then…

Contact Iclay Media to become

an online publisher

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